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January, 2018, we decided to become farmers, and began to look for land.  Our search led us down an amazing path to an incredible hidden gem, minutes from Helena.  Tucked away, hidden from plain sight, our dream awaited.

Welcome to the Oddfellow.

To state it simply, our mission is to become natural farmers, farming practices that imitate the way of nature, and to invite our guests, and our community along in this journey.  We aim to provide a  place to come together, commune with nature, and enjoy the fruits of the farm.

We are not inventing new practices, but following the path laid out by those we admire. Returning to our roots, and letting God and the earth be our guide.

We hope you will come join us, in this adventure called the Oddfellow.

Jared Engels, Paul Mabie & The Oddfellow Team

Our Accommodations

The Oddfellow Inn & Farm has 9 guest rooms in total, which includes 1 King room, 2 Double Queen rooms, and 6 Standard Double rooms.  Built in 1928, the Inn has three levels with east and west wings.  Each wing consists of 4-5 guest rooms, and share a private washroom.  All of our rooms are uniquely appointed, feature new memory foam mattresses, and fine European bedding.

What to Expect

As you drive up to the property you enter a whole new world. While we are not far from town we are still out in the country on a dirt road. It's quiet peaceful and serene, though you may still hear some noises from the animals. We have 41 acres for you to roam and invite you to walk, run or ride the perimeter trail (roughly a mile) or go down to the pond and feed the ducks and geese. So come, relax and enjoy the character and charm of the Oddfellow Inn and Farm.

Bathrooms are located in the hall and shared. Hair dryers, ironing board and other items are available upon request.

Our Team